Jun Takakuda is a leathersmith running the workshop “Takakuda” in Steeple Bumpstead, Essex. He is also a motorcycle enthusiast.

He creates leather items such as custom motorcycle seats, saddle bags, wallets, keyrings and cases etc.  most of his creations are hand-stitched and hand-carved one by one.  Each item is unique, distinctive and beautiful.  Jun is originally from Japan, however much of his work has been influenced by his travels to Arizona and New Mexico.  His background gives his work a unique feel, by mixing Japanese, Native American and British influences.

After completing a mechanical engineering degree at university he started his career as a rollercoaster designer in Japan. There he met many inspiring people in this industry; architects, engineers, artists, photographers and craftsmen.  At this time he started designing and crafting leather items. He came to England in 2007. He is not only working as a leathersmith but also as a mechanical designer in the theatre industry.

Jun mainly uses cowhides and stallion (horse) hides from northern England. You can buy his work on Etsy, or contact Jun directly for custom orders, such as saddlebags, tool bags, belts etc.